Customer seminar in Yunnan XZX Panelboard Co., Ltd


On July 23, 2019, Sunds Fibertech organized Chinese particleboard manufacturers to visit the mat pre-heater, PressBooster, in Yunnan XZX Particleboard production line. A seminar was held in combination with the visit.


The customer visited Sunds PressBooster operation in Yunnan XZX Particleboard line.


Mr. Li Linming, Chairman of Yunnan XZX; Mr. Mao Shunguo, General Manager of Yunnan XZX; Mr. Chu Jianji, Vice General Manager of Yunnan XZX and Mr. Wen Tianguo, Chief Engineer of Yunnan XZX sharing their experience on their PressBooster.


Mrs. Anna Xu – Sales General Manager of SFT gave a presentation of PressBooster, Mr. Steven Zhang – SFT Shanghai company General Manager, as well as Mr. Li Ning and Mr. William Yuan of SFT Project team,  answered the questions raised by the customer.


The seminar with the customer, Yunnan XZX and SFT team.


Chairman Mr. Li told the customer in the seminar ”This is Sunds PressBooster 1st application in a particleboard line in China and the world, it has been a successful installation and we are very satisfied”. Sunds PressBooster was put into use on our Paticleboard line on March 2019, after commissioning and optimization, has achieved good results, the capacity of 18 mm E0 board increased by more than 20 %, the board physical properties are stable, the quality of the board improved in overall, especially the quality of board edge is more compacted and overcome the edge breakage problem.”




“In addition, after using Sunds PressBooster, the pressure of the cylinder in the high-pressure zone of the conti-press decreased by 40 %, and the hot oil temperature of the conti-press decreased. Another advantage of Sunds PressBooster is that the design of Sunds PressBooster is well done. From the first day using until now, there has been no condensation of water on the board surface. The equipment itself runs very clean, and the saturated steam is injected into the mat completely without any spray out.”


After Chairman Mr. Li speech and SFT Anna Xu’s presentation, the customer started to give a speech and ask the questions one by one. All of them have given positive and good comments on the effect and operating environment of Sunds PressBooster which used in Yunnan XZX Particleboard line. Yunnan XZX and SFT project team replied customer’s questions. At this point, the seminar ended successfully.


Seminar Customer list:

  1. Guangdong Weihua Wood Ind. Co., Ltd
  2. Furen Group Cooperation
  3. Shangqiu Dingfeng Wood Ind. Co., Ltd
  4. Ningfeng Group Co., Ltd
  5. Rizhao OSBOREN Decoration Material Co., Ltd


For further information, please contact us directly or via your local Sunds Fibertech representative.


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