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Sunds Fibertech is launching the next generation of steam recovery system for MDF lines, EVOfuge CS

Sunds is the market leader for steam recovery systems for MDF lines with more than 30 units sold. The new generation EVOfuge CS will be unique by having the highest separation efficiency on the market. The name CS stands for Clean Steam. The benefit of the high separation efficiency is that risk of build-ups in the recycled steam outlet is avoided.  The patented EVOfuge CS is unique on the market with no moving parts using centrifugal force for separation. The patented design using only its shape and steam velocity to generate the centrifugal forces. For this reason, no additional power and auxiliaries are needed making the EVOfuge very easy to install. The easiness of installation enables the EVOfuge CS to have the lowest investment and operational cost on the market. 

The improved separation is achieved by a new inside geometry and a new type of recycled steam outlet. The development work is an outcome of CFD simulations and experience from existing installations.

Reasons to install an EVOfuge CS:
• 30% steam recovery, typically 1–5 ton steam depending on production capacity.
• More than 30% VOC reduction.
• Fuel savings. 4 000 ton less bark is needed to the energy plant annual per ton steam recovered.
• CO2 reduction. 2 500 ton less CO2 annual per ton steam recovered.
• Recovery of steam to remove bottlenecks in the energy plant.

For more information, please contact:
Your local Sunds Fibertech office or representative.
ytsen.kooistra@sundsfibertech.com, Product Manager


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Sunds Fibertech has received an order for an 8 feet PressBooster from Qiannianzhou Group

Qiannianzhou Group announced on July 13 that Sunds Fibertech wins the PressBooster project for the Osborne Rizhao factory.  Osborne Rizhao factory is a 350,000 m3 Particle Board line from the year 2017.

This is the 21st PressBooster Sunds Fibertech will supply since this model was launched in 2015. The first Sunds mat pre-heater was installed already 2004 and is still in operation. Sunds Fibertech’s mat pre-heating system is used for MDF, PB, and OSB applications.

For more information, please contact your local Sunds Fibertech office or representative.

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Sunds Fibertech is increasing production capacity for manufacturing of Küsters chains

Sunds Fibertech has over the last years supplied chains to customers around the world with Küsters presses. Sunds Fibertech is now adding one more production line to meet customer needs of shorter delivery times of 1-2-5 and 10 fold chains.

Sunds Fibertech has successfully been able improve the quality of the chains compared to original delivered Küsters chains.

The areas of improvement have been:
• Stronger rivets to avoid breakages and increase uptime. 
• On-line monitoring of rivets during assembly to improve consistency.
• Reduce chain bending radios by tighter tolerances, improves chain tracking.
• Improved hardening of the chain pins to reduce wear and risk breakage.

“The main reason why customers choose to buy Küster chains from Sunds Fibertech is due to our quality, short delivery time, and flexibility. We normally have the chains on the shelf and if the customer wants 1 meter, 13 meters, or 200 meters that is what we quote. We do not have any standard lengths or minimum order.

We have also seen a bigger demand from our customers to repair their existing chains instead of buying completely new ones. This is something we have responded to. We sell all parts for the chains separately, and the shafts comes pre-riveted in one end for easy installation. We have also been developed a new easy fit connection to speed up the installation and avoid riveting inside of the press and this is something that is highly appreciated by our customers.” Yves Michal, Sales manager

Sunds Fibertech is a full-scope supplier of service, spare parts, upgrades, and rebuilds for the Küsters press. Sunds Fibertech has newly opened a Technology center in Willich, Germany focusing on Küsters press technology.  Are you interested?

For more info please contact:

Your local office or representative

Yves Michal
Tel. +46 73-8333192

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Sunds Fibertech’s products cover the whole production line, both for new and existing lines. Sunds Fibertech has a long history in the Panelboard industry and supplies service, rebuilds and spare parts for complete lines.


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