Heating plates for multi opening presses, optimized heat transfer and reliability



• Longitudinal channel system with generously designed channels and few bends. This gives a low-pressure drop and a big flow with a low-temperature drop.
• Welded together out of few plates. A safe design with full penetration welds.
• Can be designed for all media such as: hot water, steam or hot oil.
• Few plugs welded along the edges. Most of them placed internally. Minimizes the risk for leakage and give free space for connection of holders of different kinds.
• All internal plugs welded and designed to be flexible, which minimize the risk for loose plugs.
• Only one inlet and one outlet.
• Narrow tolerances and a good surface finish.
• Edges and corners can be clad welded with stainless steel giving a perfect protection against corrosion.


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