12 months with Sunds Fibertech’s airCleanMAX – best available wet scrubber technology on the market


Hebei Xinxin Wood Co Ltd. has been running 12 months with Sunds Fibertech airCleanMAX, best available wet scrubber technology on the market.


With suspended solids level below 10 mg/ Nm3 and formaldehyde below 2 mg/Nm3, levels are fare below the Chinese, and other countries regulation levels.


During a customer seminar in Gaocheng the result from Sunds Fibertech airCleanMAX where presented by Xinxin and Sunds Fibertech. 80 customers were participating and the seminar included a visit at Xinxin site.


From left: Kevin Sue, Site manager Sunds Fibertech. Tao Fusheng, General manager, Xinxin Wood. Jesper Eklund, Project manager Sunds Fibertech.


Sunds Fibertech launched 2017 their wet scrubber including a water treatment system. The system has been developed to meet new and coming emission regulation for suspended solids and formaldehyde from a dryer in MDF plants. With the new scrubber technology emission level is considerable better than earlier generation wet scrubber installations without adding electro filter in energy plant for flue gas.



  • 8 mg/Nm3 suspended solids emissions
  • 1,5 mg/Nm3 formaldehyde emissions



Facts Hebei Xinxin Wood Co Ltd.

  • MDF/HDF plant
  • 300,000 m3 t/y
  • 1-Stage flue gas dryer
  • Dryer air volume 600 000 Nm3/h


For further information, please contact us directly or via your local Sunds Fibertech representative.