SundsLine – make fiber, think board

Sunds Fibertech launches SundsLine, a new MDF front-end concept

The SundsLine concept encompasses everything from chip cleaning to the forming station. The SundsLine concept will ensure the best possible fiber production and handling system for companies that aim to produce the best end-product board. The SundsLine concept includes the following products that are based on well-proven technology:

• The steam recovery system, EVOfuge, is a patented market-leading system with no movable parts, and it is installed after the refiner. The system has a return on investment of 4 to 8 months, with steam savings of 1.5 to 5.5 tonnes per hour, depending on the production level.

• The steam atomizing resin system, SundsResin, has a double-walled, water-cooled resin pipe and a mixing chamber, and thereby saves resin and is easy to maintain.

• Sunds SundsDryer systems are designed with highly efficient cyclones, low energy consumption and precise moisture control for the best drying performance.

• For dryer emission control, Sunds has developed the airCleanMAX. It uses the best available technology and has suspended solids of below 8 mg/m3 and formaldehyde of below 2 mg/m3, as measured by a third-party.

• At the LIGNA Trade Fair, Sunds will launch a new unique Fiber cleaning system, SundsZifter, which has been designed to provide the highest sifting performance.

• For the Refiner system, Sunds’ extensive experience in refiners will support the customer selection process. Cost and performance will be optimized by choosing the best fit-for-purpose refiner.

The SundsLine will provide our customers with the best fit-for-purpose fiber technology in line with Sunds Fibertech’s mindset: make fiber, think board.

The front-end concept SundsLine is part of Sunds Fibertech’s ambition to be the leading supplier in fiber production.

Welcome to visit us at LIGNA, hall 26, stand C78

For further information, please contact us directly or via your local Sunds Fibertech representative.