Weilibang Hubei successfully started up a mat-pre heater, PressBooster, from Sunds Fibertech

Weilibang Hubei has an 8.5 feet Dieffenbacher continue-press line for MDF thin board, with a capacity of 220,000m³, production since 2008, located in Hubei Xiangyang.

End of 2018, Weilibang Hubei selected Sunds Fibertech as a partner to increase existing line capacity improvement by using Sunds Fibertech unique technology and well-proven equipment – PressBooster.

The installation started from June 25, 2019. After one week, Sunds Fibertech PressBooster expert Jens Schedin visited the site on July 2 and in two days the line start-up again with the PressBooster on.

First board 3.4 mm E0 with capacity increased 5~6 % which was limited by the fiber supply. “From July 5, production continues to use PressBooster for each different board, even limited capacity increasing from fiber supply, but achieved board quality improving as well.” Said Mr. Zhou Ronghua, Vice General Manager.

We look forward to the next step when improving fiber supply, to achieve target capacity.

Special thanks to Weilibang Hubei and our team!

For further information, please contact us directly or via your local Sunds Fibertech representative.