Guangxi Sunway signed contract with Sunds Fibertech

On July 30, 2019, Guangxi Sunway Forest Products Industry Co., LTD. and Sunds Fibertech held a signing ceremony for the contracts of a CleanMAX, PressBooster, PressGuard and EVOfuge in Jiangbin International Hotel, Wuzhou City, Guangxi Province.

Ceremony and signing the scene.

The leaders from National Bureau of Forestry and Grassland Industry, Chinese Forest Product Industrial Association, Beijing Forestry University and Forest Industry Planning Design Institute, as well as the Leader from Wuzhou Municipal Government, were invited to attend the signing ceremony.

The contract covers a major rebuild package for environmental protection upgrade and production line performance improvement. Products including are a CleanMAX –Dryer exhaust gas treatment & Water treatment system, a PressBooster – a mat preheater, PressGuard – press flame detector and mist spray system, as well as an EVOfuge– steam recovery system.

Madam Ma Lu – the President of Sunway gave a speech.

The President of Sunway Madam Ma Lu gave a speech, Guangxi Sunway is one of the biggest panelboard manufacturers in China, it is also a National Forestry key leading enterprises, high-tech enterprises, national forestry standardization, and demonstrative enterprise, is also a circular economy demonstration enterprises.

The company has 3 advanced wood-based panel production lines with an annual total production capacity of 650,000 cubic meters, as well as an annual output of 50,000 tons of formaldehyde and 100,000 tons of resin plant, and has built a raw material forest basement of nearly 6666 hectares. It has 2 wholly-owned subsidiaries and 1 holding company.

This new project is a large investment, which is not only a major project to meet international advanced standards and improve the company’s environmental protection level but also an important measure to establish a paragon enterprise for environmental protection of China’s forest products industry.

Sunds Fibertech AB, a well-known European wood-based panel equipment and fiber technology company. As a participant and witness of Sunway’s development, SFT has a long-term good cooperation with Sunway.

The main project CleanMAX- dryer exhaust wet cleaning system, it is one of the best technology in the world, who uses the unique mist separator technology together with a highly efficient water treatment system.

Sunway is looking forward to working with SFT to build a high-quality, good example project in southern China, contributing to the protection of blue sky and white clouds in China, Guangxi, and Wuzhou.

Mr. Kenth Eklund – the President of SFT gave a speech.

Sunds Fibertech is very grateful to the shareholders and the leadership of Guangxi Sunway Forest Products Industry Co., Ltd. for making important decisions to choose our company – Sunds Fibertech AB as a supplier to build one set of the world’s most advanced environmental protection system in panelboard area. To effectively reduce emissions and protect the blue sky and white cloud in Wuzhou and Guangxi.

Sunds Company as machine supplier has luckily participated in the construction of Sunway 1st Particle-board line, the 1st continuous press MDF line, and the 1st HDF line. It is the participant and witness of Sunway Company’s development.

After years of development, Sunway Company has built a leading position in the China Panelboard industry area. Now leading by the President Madam Ma, the company has shown new mental outlook, the enterprise has made progress not only in production, management and environmental health, and also the product quality enjoys a good reputation in the world. Now, Sunway company overcomes the obstacles of high investment and will be the first company to build the world most advanced dryer exhaust wet cleaning system in southern China, which made us fully realize that Sunway company always bases itself on the present, focuses on the future, always stands at the forefront and becomes a good example of the industry. The reason why Sunway company can achieve such achievements is because they have a professional team, working hard and responsible spirit to society. Sunway team is the most dedicated, professional and visionary team we have ever worked with. It is the glory of our company to continue to cooperate with Sunway.

This cooperation with Sunway company covers all aspects, including energy conservation, emission reduction, production capacity, and quality improvement, production safety, etc. technology and equipment. In which, CleanMAX system is the most advanced system in the world for this industry area. Our system is tailor-made for Sunway HDF line of fiber capacity 38 tons per hour, board capacity 1000m3 per day. After the system put into operation, its emission value is much lower than the emission standard set by China and even lower than that of Europe. The system contains a lot of unique technology, such as: high efficient water spraying system, the highly effective water treatment system, the unique three-layer of mist separator system, can effectively remove the particles, formaldehyde, VOC, nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide and other pollutants in the dryer exhaust air, the system not only reduce dry exhaust emissions by as much as 90%, at the same time the cleaning water will be recycled after treatment so avoid the secondary pollution to the environment.

The CleanMAX™ system has more than 12 successful references in China and around the world. Sunds are looking forward to working with Sunway to build a high-quality, paragon project in southern China, contributing to the protection of blue sky and white clouds in China, Guangxi, and Wuzhou.

Mrs. Su Ying – Vice Mayor of Wuzhou Municipal Government gave a speech.

Mr.Shi Feng – Secretary General of Chinese Forest Product Industrial Association gave a speech.

The signing ceremony came to a successful conclusion in a friendly atmosphere.

For further information, please contact us directly or via your local Sunds Fibertech representative.