EVOfuge steam recovery system – highest savings on the market

With more than 20 units sold, SUNDS steam recovery system is the market leader for steam recovery systems in MDF plants.

How does a EVOfuge work?
Centrifugal force push the fiber to the outer radius of the bend. In the inner bend, steam separates from the fiber and the recirculated steam is used for pre-steaming of chips (picture 2). 

A control valve is adjusting the amount of steam recovery, typically 20–35 % steam recovery is needed for heating chips to 90 degrees.

Operational and maintenance
As the system do not have any movable part, the maintenance cost is low. The design has a removable outer and inner bend which need to be replaced typically every third year . The operational cost is also low because of no need for electricity or sealing water.

The EVOfuge can be easily installed as no foundation, no electricity to motor and no sealing water is needed. The EVOfuge is installed between refiner and the resin system (picture 3), typically 3-meter straight pipe is replaced with a EVOfuge. The EVOfuge can be installed vertical or horizontal. The installation is to connect the EVOfuge to the surge bin with a pipe  and install a control valve.

The EVOfuge has reference installations in Europe, China, and North America.