New airCleanMAX exhaust cleaning technology

– Meets all global environmental regulations at much lower investment, operation and maintenance cost than a WESP technology.

Sunds Fibertech has two models of dryer exhaust cleaning systems tailor-made for MDF production, the airCleanMAX10  is the high-end system meeting highest global environmental regulations and awarded as best available technology. This system removes dust emission to below 10 mg/Nm3 and formaldehyde below 5 mg/Nm3. The airCleanMAX30 system has the same basic set up as airCleanMAX10 but simplified for lower investment cost. The airCleanMAX30  will removal dust emission to below 30 mg/Nmand formaldehyde below 5 mg/Nm3. This system is prepared for easy upgrade to an airCleanMAX10  if regulations are changing towards stricter limits.

Both systems have low operating cost and recycling of water for cleaning. Both systems can also be equipped with a chemical, mechanical and biological treatment of primary treated water to enable discharge to the environment according to local regulations. This means that the airCleanMAX can be installed in MDF plants without any own water treatment systems or when the existing water treatment plant has reached its limitations.

The low maintenance cost is due to the robust design. Our designers have focused special need of the MDF production in areas of easy maintenance, high availability and use of reliable parts.

The lower operation and investment cost compared to a WESP (Wet Electrostatic Precipitator) is due to the fact that the airCleanMAX do not need the use of electricity to achieve the highest global environmental regulation. 

The airCleanMAX achieves emissions levels because of an innovated spraying tower, water treatment systems tailor-made for MDF and state of the art demistor technology.

So in summary, an investment in an airCleanMAX is the most efficient investment for meeting all global environment regulation – all result guaranteed by Sunds Fibertech

For further information, please contact us directly or via your local Sunds Fibertech representative.