Sifting & cleaning

Latest sifting technology for the separation of impurities and latex. A uniformed airflow and zigzag sifting principle secure the best possible sifting efficiency.

  • Uniform air flow ensures good separation.
  • Zigzag principle.
  • ATEX proved.
  • Less build ups and easy to maintain.
  • Cleaning possible during production.
Plant efficiency


The function of the sifter is to separate impurities and latex before forming to save the steel belt on the press and improve the quality of the final board. This is achieved by a uniformed airflow through the cross-section of the sifter spreading fiber flow through zigzag plates creating friction. The design is especially suitable for difficult impurities and latex.

The sifter is ATEX-proved.

End product (MDF, PB, OSB, WHB)



Sifting/ fiber cleaning