Tailor-made single and two-stage MDF Dryer systems, new installations and rebuilds of existing systems.

1 – stage dryer benefits:

  • Lower power consumption.
  • Smaller footprint.
  • Lower investment cost.

2 – stage dryer benefits:

  • Two stage dryer provides gentler drying with lower resin consumption.
  • Lower heat consumption.
  • Environmentally friendly, 30 % lower exhaust air flow.
Capacity increase Emission reduction Energy savings Plant efficiency


Each SundsDryer system is tailor-made for customer-specific needs targeting the lowest possible operating and investment costs. Our team has been designing Dryer systems since the 1980s and has supplied more than 100 installations.

Wet fiber is transported from the refiner via a blowline into the dryer. Fiber is dried in the dryer duct to the decided moisture content. Fiber and air are separated in high-efficiency cyclones. The exhaust gasses can be reused for heating by using a two-stage dryers application. Critical factors for a highly efficient dryer system are airflow efficiency, energy efficiency, and pressure drop.


Modernization, single machines

End product (MDF, PB, OSB, WHB)