Forming & mat pre-heating

Sunds Fibertech is the OEM supplier of MDF forming stations type Pendistor. The Pendistor can be rebuilt to a semi-mechanical forming station.

  • Reduce power consumption.
  • Improve forming accuracy.
  • Reduce amount of scalping.
  • Reduce fiber re-circulation.
  • Reduce resin consumption.
  • Improve weight control.
Plant efficiency


The Pendistor is a pneumatic forming machine for MDF. Sunds Fibertech is the OEM supplier of Pendistors earlier sold under the names ABB Fläkt, Sunds Defibrator, Valmet and Metso.

The rebuild to a semi-mechanical forming station consists of three possible upgrades:

  • Levelling roller – smoothens out the fiber mat surface before scalping, for reduction of fiber re-circulation.
  • Weight control – improve the cross-mat profile with an adjustable cross field control system (piano), improving forming accuracy
  • Flow control – reduce the electrical consumption with the VFD control system on the fans.



End product (MDF, PB, OSB, WHB)