Internal Resin Injection System


Internal Resin Injection System. A revolutionary resin system that improves runnability and saves resin.

  • The unique design of the Internal Resin Injection System system will ensure a superior resin and fiber mixing with lowered resin consumption and improved board properties as a result.
  • Resin is injected in the center of the blow line by a nozzle arrangement replacing all nozzles for MDI and is replacing all, or most of the nozzles of UF and UMF dosing.
  • The fibers are forced into the resin mist by the shape of the resin house.
  • The fiber flow acts as a protection film and keeps the system, blowline and dryer clean using MDI, UMF or UF resins.
  • The result is less use of resin and less need of maintenance.
Capacity increase Emission reduction Energy savings Plant efficiency


The Internal Resin Injection System resin injection system consists of a specially shaped mixing unit with a centrally placed nozzle located as part of the blowline. The nozzle is placed in a streamlined shaped body inside the Internal Resin Injection System unit and the function is to accelerate the steam and fiber flow evenly into the atomized resin mist. The unique design of the IRIS system will ensure a superior resin and fiber mixing with lowered resin consumption and improved board properties as a result.

The Internal Resin Injection System system is a complete resin injection system intended to inject MDI, UF, UMF resin into the blow line. The Internal Resin Injection System resin system is delivered as pre-assembled modules with the Internal Resin Injection System unit and dosing units such as resin metering pumps, filters, instrumentation flow controllers and PLC. The Internal Resin Injection System unit is delivered for easy maintenance and installation. The system is controlled with a separate PLC unit communicating with the plant overall system.


Single machines




Gluing, MDI/UF/UMF




Production range t/h 2 60
Dimension replacing straight pipe mm 2000 2000
Nozzle capacity l/min 0 100
Water consumption Only for cleaning sequenze 0
Power consumption (kW) 10 10


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YouTube video