Betanzos orders a major press rebuild

The Spanish wet hardboard producer Betanzos has ordered a major press rebuild for their Motala multi opening press. This order follows a similar press rebuild that Sunds Fibertech made for Tarnaise des Panneaux in France in 2020. Tarnaise des Panneaux and Betanzos are both owned by Jean Laporte and Renald Rosier.

High availability of our machines is crucial for our operation. Sunds Fibertech did a great job in Tarnaise des Panneaux by getting our press line ready for a second lifecycle. We have a huge trust in Sunds Fibertech as a reliable supplier and partner, says Jean Laporte and Renald Rosier, owners of Tarnaise des Panneaux and Betanzos.

All main press components shall be replaced in August 2023 comprising a new top table, new press table, new columns, new stepped uprights and new cylinders.

–We have the knowledge and manpower to execute such substantial modernization projects. We are happy to be part of the growth journey of Tarnaise des Panneaux and Betanzos group, says Kenth Eklund, President of Sunds Fibertech.

Kenth Eklund, President.


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