Finsa has placed a third order for rebuild of the dryer system at Finsa Padrón

Sunds Fibertech and Finsa have a good long-term relationship. In 2018 Sunds Fibertech was awarded by Finsa Fibranor to rebuild their dryer system. The task was to increase the production capacity of the dryer and adapt the dryer to handle the increased pressure drop from a new exhaust cleaning system. In 2019 Finsa Orember followed Finsa Fibranor’s example to improve and optimize their dryer system together with Sunds Fibertech. In 2020 Finsa Padrón decided to make a similar rebuild of their dryer system.

Finsa’s factories technical department and Sunds Fibertech has good teamwork with a focus on planning, communication and strong execution to reach set targets.

Sunds Fibertech is looking forward to continuing the close cooperation with Finsa’s factories

For more info please contact:

Yves Michal 
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Kenth Eklund
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