First EVOfuge steam recovery system for insulation board production

The EVOfuge technology is well proven in MDF industry over the last 10 years for capacities over 15 tons of fiber per hour.
Customers appreciate the easy operation and reliable technique.

Now SOPREMA GROUP ordered an EVOfuge CS for their insulation board production line Pavatex in Golbey, France.
This shall be the first application for insulation board production.
Fiber throughput is below 15 tons per hour for this installation.
SOPREMA GROUP clearly saw the economic advantage of a reduced net steam demand for their process.
Once the calculation was done with energy prices on the rise the decision was made very quickly.


About Sunds Fibertech: Sunds Fibertech is a Swedish based company with global presence. Sunds Fibertech is a partner of the global Panelboard industry supplying innovative technologies, automation, and services to boost line performance over the whole lifetime of a plant.

About SOPREMA GROUP: SOPREMA GROUP is a world leading company in construction materials. The production of wood fiber insulation panels distributed in Europe is carried out in Golbey in France and the panels are marketed under the PAVATEX brand.