From student to a full time employee – Ytsen Kooistra

Every year, we offer students internships from all over the world where they have a chance to test their skills and kick-start their career with supportive colleagues in a fast growing global company!

This is Ytsen Kooistra’s story.
Three years ago, he was a Mechanical Engineering student at the NHL Stenden University of applied sciences in the Netherlands. In 2019, he started his internship at Sunds Fibertech’s head office in Sweden and participated in the development of the new generation SUNDSZifter.
After one year being back in the Netherlands, he wanted to come back for his final internship. During this time, he participated in the development of the new generation of steam recovery system EVOfuge CS.

Listen when he tells more about his journey and get an inside look as a Design Engineer, which includes both engineering at the office and visiting customers around the world.

YouTube video

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