PAVATEX has awarded Sunds Fibertech to supply a new dryer system

PAVATEX has specialised in the manufacture of high-quality wood fibre insulation systems for the building envelope. Over 80 years of experience and innovation make PAVATEX the leading supplier worldwide. In February Sunds Fibertech was awarded by PAVATEX to supply a new dryer system including cyclone & ducting to their new plant.

The dryer is one of the key equipments in a fiber line system.

Sunds Fibertech is one of the leading suppliers for dryers to Panelboard lines and has a big installed base worldwide. Sunds Fibertech is also a supplier for the rebuilding of existing dryers to increase capacity and improve energy efficiency.   

For more info please contact:

Yves Michal
Tel: +46 73 833 3192


Kenth Eklund
Tel: +46 70 616 5863