Q & A



What is Sunds Fibertech main target?

Sunds Fibertech main focus is to increase customer profitability by improving production lines.

What is the key element behind Sunds Fibertech improving solutions?

The key element is working on specific solutions based on customers’ needs, Sunds Fibertech uses pre-studies to model and to ensure the effectiveness of the projects.

The pre-study begins with a question from the customer or with a specific problem identified by the sales team. That means that meetings with the customer, creation of the target and confirmation of the existing conditions should be developed. The pre-study begins then to take form with the process engineer after gathering all the information that is needed, checking internal availability, contacting the customer to obtain updated information and discussing further implications. The next step is analyzing the information, starting calculations, and running the models to find the process solutions that better satisfy all the customer needs. With all this information, the design department and the process engineer work together to build the best solution that meets all the customer needs.