EVOfuge 360

Steam recovery

MDF steam recovery system. No moving parts, only using its shape and steam velocity to generate the centrifugal forces. Installed between refiner and resin system.

  • 30% steam recovery, typically 1–5 ton steam depending on production capacity.
  • CO2 and VOC reduction.
  • Low investment cost.
  • No movable parts.
  • Removes bottlenecks in the energy plant.
  • The cleanness of steam is further improved with its unique 360 design.
  • Requires minimum installation space.
Emission reduction Energy savings


The EVOfuge 360 system is installed between the refiner and resin system in MDF lines to recover steam used in the refining process. The recovered steam replaces fresh steam in the chip bin.

The EVOfuge 360 has the highest separation efficiency on the market recovering up to 30% of the steam. The patented EVOfuge 360 is the only system on the market with no moving parts using centrifugal force for separation. The patented design uses only its shape and steam velocity to generate the centrifugal forces.

No additional power and auxiliaries are needed making the EVOfuge 360 very easy to install. The ease of installation enables the EVOfuge 360 to have the lowest investment and operational cost on the market. The EVOfuge 360 is the market leader for steam recovery systems with more than 55 units in operation.


Single machine







Production range t/h 5 60
Dimension replacing straight pipe mm 1000 1000
Dimension replacing 90-degree bend mm 1000 1000
Water consumption l/h 0 0
Installation power (kW) 0 0