Increased press capacity for particleboard, MDF and OSB presses

The new generation of our mat pre-heater has been a big success with 15 units installed during the last two years.  Sunds Fibertech’s mat pre-heater, Pressbooster, has become the global market leader during this period. The PressBooster increases press capacity by 10–25 percent, depending on the type of product, and improves the appearance of the board surface.

The new generation of Pressbooster has improved steam injection, improved cleaning of the belts and a system that guarantees that no condensation issues arise. Product development for belt cleaning has been driven by the increased use of MDI resin, which makes wire cleaning even more important.

PressBooster’s unique design has allowed it to achieve the highest capacity increase on the market. It is the only mat pre-heater with a steam injection directly connected to the press inlet. Our designers have also been working on making the PressBooster maintenance-friendly and very easy to operate. One special feature of the PressBooster is its m-pro software. The m-pro app makes life easier by providing permanent process-condition monitoring.

For further information, please contact us directly or via your local Sunds Fibertech representative.