Forming & mat pre-heating

PressBooster is a mat pre-heating system that increases mat temperature by injecting steam directly into the mat in front of the press. This enables a higher press speed, which increases plant capacity.

  • Capacity increase 10 – 30% depending on board thickness.
  • Easily installed by rebuilding existing conveyor.
  • Dual belt cleaning systems.
  • Improved board physical properties.
  • Better surface smoothness.
Capacity increase


Our PressBooster has the highest efficiency on the market due to its steam injection technology (DST) and ease of installation head-to-head to the press, avoiding heat losses.

The PressBooster has been designed to inject condensate-free steam to eliminate the risk of condensate spots on the board. It is crucial to keep the wire clean and dry to have the maximum effect of steam injection. That is achieved by using a system combining hot air, air knives, and a brush.

The installation can be done during a shorter stop. By combining the mat pre-heating system with a steam saving system, EVOfuge, the steam savings from the steam used for refining will be bigger than the steam consumption for the PressBooster.


Single machines




Forming and mat pre-heating


4 feet line

8 feet line

Saturated steam total consumption, max(kg/h) 800 1200
Saturated steam supply min. pressure (bar) 12 12
Compressed air consumption (l/h) 10 20
Compressed air pressure (bar) 7 7
Installation power (kW) 18 18