Indonesian Fiberboard Industries (IFI) achieves new milestone with SundsZifter technology

Since launching their first MDF/HDF production line 15 years ago, Indonesian Fiberboard Industries (IFI) has become a well-established player in the wood-based panels industry across Asia.
IFI is known for their high quality standards – but consistently delivering top quality presents challenges when working with demanding raw materials like rubberwood.

This is why IFI chose Sunds Fibertech’s SundsZifter for their latest greenfield MDF factory, which was launched last year. Processing up to 30 tons of fiber per hour the Zifter combines highest sifting efficiency with low operation costs. The installed electrical power per ton of fiber capacity, as well as the sifting efficiency, has once again been optimized on the latest generation SundsZifter and making it the top choice for greenfield installations.
Additionally, it serves as an excellent retrofit option for older installations utilizing different sifting technology.

Six months into its operation, we conducted a performance and availability review of the SundsZifter with the Production Manager, Mr. Pak Malik. His feedback was overwhelmingly positive:

“We are very happy with Sunds Fibertech’s Zifter. The machine has solved our problem with latex spots on the boards that we have experienced in the past. We can now achieve a minimum of 96% A-Grade boards with very low electrical energy costs on the Zifter. We had very good cooperation with the entire team from Sunds Fibertech and a startup of the Zifter without any problems.”



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