MDF plants – optimization of blow lines to eliminate build-ups and improve performance of resin system

Sunds Fibertech is optimizing refiner blow lines. We are using the latest CFD simulation technology, our reference data bank, and video verification to find the optimal design.

Having a well-working blow line will:
• Eliminate the risk of build-up
• Securing optimal mixing
• Optimize the use of resin

Factors affecting a good function system:
• Transport velocity in the blow line
• Blow line design (length and configuration)             
• Flexibility for different capacities and type of products
• Resin properties
• Resin amount
• Resin injection
• Resin distribution
• Resin velocity
• Resin mixing with fibers

Example: Blow line with steam separator, EVOfuge

For more info please contact:
Marcus Mattsson
Tel: +46 70 5937919