MeiAnMei’s successful investment in PressBooster to improve their production

“Sunds Fibertech’s PressBooster is the best mat preheating system of all time in my experience! The steam sufficiently transfers heat from press heat platens to mat core layer and also speeds up the resin cured in the press process to increase the capacity and saving energy. The surface of the board quality is also improved.”
–Mr. Li Zhonghua, the legal representative of MeiAnMei.

Sichuan MeiAnMei (Sichuan JiaRuiYuan) has been running their production since 2010 – 8ft Dieffenbacher THDF line.

The team has experienced almost all kinds of mat preheating systems available in the China market.
Mr. Li, as the new head of MeiAnMei, decided to invest in the PressBooster in 2022 as his first improvement project for the mill. They ordered the PressBooster to improve board surface quality and aim for a 15% capacity increase.

We are looking forward to witnessing MeiAnMei’s success under Mr. Li’s leadership and support the team!