One of the leading panel producers in Turkey invests in energy saving technology

In order to reduce energy consumption and to actively protect the climate, Yildiz Entegre has decided to upgrade all three lines in Kartepe with our steam recovery system EVOfuge Generation 3. The first EVOfuge system will be delivered in June 2023.

“We see a strong growth in demand for energy saving and reduced emissions from customers. And we offer perfectly tailored solutions to modernize processes in both energy savings and emission control, with instant results”, says Bernd Bielfeldt, VP Sales Europe, Sunds Fibertech.

EVOfuge steam recovery for MDF blow line systems allows to reduce overall steam demand by 25–30% in MDF production without any additional electrical power consumption!

EVOfuge Generation 3

Bernd Bielfeldt, VP Sales Europe, Sunds Fibertech


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