Steam savings in MDF blow lines – 30% reduction in steam consumption and lower VOC levels

During recent years there has been a significant breakthrough in the reuse of steam in MDF blow lines. Sunds Fibertech is the market leader in this area with more than 30 EVOfuge systems sold. A number of the biggest groups globally have signed agreements to install EVOfuges in their lines, some motivated by its steam recovery capability and others by VOC reduction.

The EVOfuge has patented technology and is the only recovery system on the market that uses non-mechanical technology to create a centrifugal force. The centrifugal force pushes the fiber to the outer radius of the bend to separate steam from the fiber flow.

Through an EVOfuge, fresh steam consumption in the refiner system is typically reduced by 30%. The recovered steam is recirculated back into the pre-steaming bin prior to the refiner.

The investment cost for an EVOfuge system is only one third of the cost of a mechanical recovery system.

Operational and maintenance costs are also considerably lower as no movable parts are used, no need for power for any motor, no water for mechanical sealings and no need for a foundation.  All of these advantages have made EVOfuge the market leader for steam recovery systems.

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