Successful cooperation with Sunway Group

“We are proud of being a part of Sunway‘s quick growth as a top 5 MDF player in the China Panelboard industry!”
–Steven Zhang, Managing Director, China.

Sunway Group
has four MDF lines including Dieffenbacher 9ft HDF line, Küsters 8ft MDF line, Yalian 4ft THDF line and newly acquired Dieffenbacher 8ft THDF. Sunway Group always aims at the high-end market by investing in high-tech machines and innovating products that differentiate from competitors.

In February 2018, Sunway chose Sunds Fibertech as a partner to support HDF line capacity improvement by using unique technology and well proven equipment
The project achieved all agreed targets. Sunway Group reached avg. 20% capacity increase with possibility of producing a very high density board – which was impossible before the investment.

Sunway invested in the second PressBooster in July 2019.
The installation started in April 2020 and was accepted in June 2020.
The newest acquired Hezhou line mainly focuses on thin board production.


Sunway Group continues to work with Sunds Fibertech by investing in a new PressBooster to be installed in 2022.
The installation will have special features such as quick changeable injection cover plate to suit both THDF and MDF production and wire screen on-line cleaning for MDI resin board production.

“We are looking forward to this project to reach another successful installation at Sunway Hezhou line to achieve target capacity increase, as well as excellent quality of board. Special thanks to Sunway Group and our team!”
–Steven Zhang, Managing Director, China.