Sunds Fibertech has received an order for an 8 feet PressBooster G3 including steam recovery system from Duraplay, Mexico

Sunds Fibertech has received an order for a PressBooster G3 (mat pre-heater) and an EVOfuge (steam recovery system) for Duraplay, Mexico. The startup will be done in Q2 2022.

This is the 28th PressBooster Sunds Fibertech will supply since this model was launched in 2015, and the fifth of generation 3. 

By combining a PressBooster with an EVOfuge the amount of recovered steam will be higher than the steam consumption for the PressBooster. This solution is unique for Sunds Fibertech.  

For further information, please contact us directly or via your local Sunds Fibertech representative.