SWISS KRONO orders a PressBooster 3.0 for their OSB line in Sully, France

With the intention to significantly increase the plant capacity SWISS KRONO ordered a PressBooster 3.0 for their OSB line in Sully, France.

PressBooster technology is based on a development that started in 2005. Since the foundation of Sunds Fibertech in 2016 more than 25 systems have been sold. Since 2020 the third generation is on the market with more than 10 systems sold.
Sunds Fibertech is the pioneer in developing the condensate-free mat pre-heating technology as well as the unique mechanism to retract the top unit into a maintenance position. This ensures easy and reliable operation of the PressBooster mat preheating.

This is the first PressBooster SWISS KRONO is investing in and the second one sold in France. Start-up is scheduled for fourth quarter 2022.

About Sunds Fibertech: Sunds Fibertech is a Swedish based company with global presence. Sunds Fibertech is a partner of the global Panelboard industry supplying innovative technologies, automation, and services to boost line performance over the whole lifetime of a plant.