Q & A



Why is the cleaning of the dryer exhaust so important?

It is important to clean the dryer exhaust because the fiber board dryer is the highest emission point in a MDF plant.

What is the main objective of the airCleanMax system?

The main objective is to minimize the emission from the dryer cyclone in the plant.

What are the emission regulations today?

The regulations have become stricter over the years. In the newest regulations the emissions level can be as low as 10 mg/Nm3, while in the fiber dryer process the normal value is 75 mg/Nm3 or higher.

What are the two technologies that exist today in order to clean the dryer emissions?

There are two different technologies to clean the dryer emissions: WESP or Scrubber System:

  1. The WESP system works with both water cleaning and electrical cleaning.  It is a quite complicated mechanical piece of the equipment which represents an expensive investment and adds significant operational cost.
  2. The Scrubber is a much simpler system that only uses water for cleaning. This means significantly lower investment and lower operational cost.

What is the technology behind the airCleanMAX system?

Sunds Fibertech developed a new system called airCleanMAX. It is a combination of the best part of both systems (WESP and Scrubber). With this technology, Sunds Fibertech can meet the toughest demands in regulations at a lower cost compared with the WESP system, and with a similar price to the Scrubber system.

How does the airCleanMAX system work and what are the most important factors of this technology?

To be able to develop the airCleanMAX system Sunds Fibertech has been focused on 3 important factors:

  1. New water spray tower – pollution is removed from the air.
  2. New water droplet separator – polluted water is kept from escaping the system.
  3. New water cleaning system – water is always an essential element of cleaning.

In this system, the polluted air comes into the spraying tower. The first step is to take the pollution from the air to the water , something that is made through spraying water. After that process it is necessary to keep all the polluted water inside of the tower through the droplet separators.

As a result of this process, dirty water is collected and sent to the cleaning system.  There, the pollution is separated from the water and banded together to make the removal possible. Later, by using chemical and mechanical forces the water is able to be cleaned, the pollution is taken out as sludge and the clean water is fed back to the spraying tower for reuse.

Why is the investment in the airCleanMAX the best choice?

AirCleanMAX is the best choice because it offers the lowest cost of operation, maintenance and investment.