Q & A

Küsters presses


What makes the Küsters press technology special?

The Küsters press is known for having the best tolerance for thickness when producing panels compared with all continuous presses in the market. Despite this, Küster presses have also faced challenges over the years, such as chain tracking problems, belt tracking problems, braking of the chain carpets, etc.

Why is Sunds Fibertech the perfect alternative to support Küsters presses?

Sunds Fibertech has the strongest team supporting Küsters press users at the moment. With a combination of experienced personnel in the industry and an excellent technical team. Our ambition is always to upgrade the Küster presses to the latest design and technology.

What elements does an upgrade of a Küsters press include?

An upgrade can include both mechanical and automation work. A Sunds Fibertech project manager is leading the project from very beginning to a successful acceptance of the delivery.

What is the process to quote spare parts for Küsters presses?

We supply spare parts for all the Küsters presses in the world. When a customer has a requirement, we check in our spare parts system. It is important to mention that our sales team always checks with the design team if there is an upgrade available to the latest technology and with the help of our system, we are able to quote in 48 hours.