Q & A


PressBooster GENERATION 3

What are the new developments in the third generation PressBooster?

Sunds Fibertech has carried out the following developments according to the latest technologies:

  • New heating injection platens by using high-quality Swedish Aluminum material mixed with the use of the DFT technology.
  • New Steam Supply units.
  • New system for cleaning the belt wire. 
  • New Hydraulic System. 

What makes the heating injection platens so important?

Sunds Fibertech heating platens are made using the CFD technology, this ensures optimal penetration of the steam into the fiber mat with the perfect heat transfer, free from condensation over the complete platen.

What press capacity increase can be expected after installing Sunds Fibertech PressBooster? 

Sunds Fibertech has the highest press capacity increase on the market, we can guarantee around 10-30% increase. This result can be achieved thanks to the combination of our heating and injection system, the placement of the PressBooster close to the press, and our cleaning system for the belt wire. We offer a PressBooster that is easily accessible and easy to maintain.