Q & A

Sifting & cleaning


Why does an MDF plant need a sifter?

The main reason is to protect the steel belt in the press from all the build-up that comes from the dryer or anywhere else that could potentially damage it and be costly. Also, the board quality will increase by separating out the impurities and latex from the good fiber.

Why should a MDF plant use a SundsZifter?

The SundsZifter was developed in the 90’s. After a lot of installations around the world, it is known as the most efficient sifter on the market. Our latest generation was launched in 2020.

What makes SundsZifter unique in the market?

One SundsZifter can be used up to 50 tons, while Sunds Fibertech’s competitors need 2 sifters for the same amount. This provides advantages such as:

  • Less installed power.
  • Less steel structures.
  • Less requirements for additional equipment.
  • Lower costs.

SundsZifter has the highest sifter efficiency on the market. The fiber flow is divided into two separate channels inside the sifter, which makes it so much easier to separate impurities inside it. Sunds Zifter is the only one capable of separating Latex from using rubberwood as raw wood material.

Why is the SundsZifter separation system better than other competitors on the market?

SundsZifter has a zig-zag-shaped channel design that separates the impurities by friction. The common sifters from different competitors have just one turn that goes down with the help of gravity, throws out the impurities, and then goes back up. The impurities stay in the bottom without being able to get out. In this type of system, the effectiveness is much lower.

What are the new developments that have been applied to the SundsZifter?

  • Complete new bottom design that improves air distribution to ensure more uniform lifting airflow inside the system. The new design can be used for the replacement of existing sifters or for upgrades.
  • SundsZifter is Atex proved.
  • Greater strength.
  • New design of the zig-zag plate shapes to produce fewer build-ups in the sifter.
  • New inlet for better distribution.
  • Manufacturing of the complete equipment has been improved.