Q & A

Steam recovery


What is the main purpose of the EVOfuge?

The main purpose of the EVOfuge is to reduce fresh steam consumption in the refiner system.

What is the impact of saving steam?

  • Saving money.
  • Capacity increase.
  • Reduced environmental impact.

What is the equivalent of saving a ton of steam per hour?

It would be the equivalent of saving 4000 tons of bark that would not be necessary to burn in the energy plant for one year.

What are the different types of steam recovery systems?

  • Mechanical recovery systems.
  • Non-Mechanical recovery systems.

How does a mechanical steam separation system work?

A mechanical steam separation system uses a mechanically driven rotor that accelerates the steam and the fiber. This produces a centrifugal force that can transport the fibers on the outside so that they can exit and then transport the clean steam on the inside.

How does a non-mechanical steam separation system work?

In a non- mechanical steam separation, the velocity and geometry are used to create the centrifugal force and push the fiber out to the outer bend. The clean steam can then be taken out of the inner bend.

Why is a non-mechanical steam recovery system better?

  • It is easiest to operate.
  • It is easiest to install.
  • It has the lowest investment cost.

What type of Steam recovery system does Sunds Fibertech use and why?

Sunds Fibertech as a global leader in the steam recovery systems market uses a non-mechanical steam separation system that is easy to install and operate as well as having a low investment cost in comparison to the benefit it produces.

What is the percentage of savings when implementing EVOfuge?

EVOfuge has a proven track record of steam savings of up to 30% of the fresh steam consumption in the refiner system.

What are the main reasons for installing a steam recovery system?

  • Cost saving achieved by saving fresh steam, and fresh steam means less fuel burned, and less fuel burned leads to less CO2 emissions.
  • Limitation in the energy plant, it is substantially cheaper to invest in the EVOfuge than to invest in a capacity increase of the energy plant.
  • To reduce the environmental impact of the production line by reducing the VOC (volatile compounds) emission from the dryer in a substantial way.
  • Reduce maintenance and cleaning of the system.