PressBooster Maintenance stop

Forming & mat pre-heating

PressBooster Maintenance stop includes planning, coordination, and execution of the maintenance job.

  • Documentation of maintenance stop.
  • Minimum downtime.
  • High quality execution.
  • High safety on-site.
  • Trouble-free start-up.


PressBooster requires after months in operation a maintenance job to maintain the high original quality of the PressBooster performance. After the first visit, a recommendation of intervals can be made depending on operational conditions. We are the partner from initial planning to final follow-up and reporting of the maintenance job.

Extension of Services

A standard maintenance job service includes:

  • Detailed planning including manning & tools requirements.
  • Coordination of execution.
  • Execution of critical tasks.
  • Rental of needed machines & tools.
  • Start-up after a maintenance job.
  • Follow-up meeting.

Recommended service interval – 6-12 months.
Duration of full service – Depends on scope.
Shutdown time – Depends on scope.



End product (MDF, PB, OSB, WHB0029)



Forming and mat pre-heating